Wild Things

Rachel Harvey ordered several pretty things to match the bedding she chose for her baby, Weston. The colors in the bedding are very soft, neutral, and earthy. The bedding is also very cute, but very clean and simple. I tried not to get too "matchy", but rather coordinate. I did use that adorable tiger!

She asked for the boy quote, the where the wild things are saying, and her son's name and left the rest up to me. I used the same font on all three pieces so even though they are all different, they would have a common thread. I hope they pull the room together and make it a special place for this sweet new family to make memories.

She has one more that I'm not quite finished with coming soon!


Rachel H. said…
I love them all!! I can't wait to get them! :) Thanks so much!
Kelsey Smith said…
Your artwork is just beautiful!!