Happy and Sad...Again

Today I have two happies! First, this canvas is about as happy as it gets. I've done this one before and just love it. Click here to see more. These happy cherries are 24x24 and are being shipped off to Michigan today. Thank you, Carly!

Even though I look absolutely thrilled in this picture, my other happy is Emily's first wedding shower! Emily is my baby sister and is getting married on June 11. Lauren and I were invited to attend the shower at her church. It was so nice!

Lauren had the camera so some things are off center and chopped off, but I love this one! We've got two more showers to go to in the coming weeks. All of the wedding planning and preparations have been fun and relaxed. I am looking forward to it! Now, if only my dress would get here!

The sad is a big sad. Our sweet Riley never recovered from his infection. We had a little funeral for him Sunday afternoon. As Lauren said, "We are crying happy tears and sad tears. Happy ones because Riley doesn't hurt anymore and sad ones because we miss him so bad". So true.


Ashley Barnes said…
Aaw, I feel your happy and sad on this one.