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I had taken down most of my pictures to clean the walls and make things look wide open while we are trying to sell the house. I loved it at first, but now I am itching to hang things back up. This is the little foyer between the kitchen and garage. It needed some color!
Veronica Stepien is a Ballard Designs lover just like me! They really do have the most beautiful things for your home. I had admired this print in there for a while and jumped at the opportunity to try it.

I love the antiquing process. I use an antiquing glaze and sand paper. It takes a lot of work, but all that rubbing and scrubbing is such a stress reliever! I ordered three 24x24 canvases and ended up doing three of this same design. One for Veronica, one for my foyer, and one is my donation to the Junior Auxiliary Crown Jewel Gala silent auction. I was a JA girl and love to support their cause.


I am so tickled with mine! Thank you so much.
I plan on hanging mine with a collage of family photos. Will send you a pic of the results.
Anonymous said…
That is so neat!
Monica Schoeneck