Thursday, March 29, 2007

Window Shopping

I am so proud of my little students at Chole's Art Gallery. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon drawing downtown. I took their original artwork and some gorgeous textured paper and created this collage called "37110". C.J., Madison, Paxton, Nicolette, Ivy, Jefferson, and Morgan did such a beautiful job! It is on display now... check it out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cheetah Girls

When I finally got around to making a gift for the family of the new Crouch twins, all of my ideas had already been taken! I decided to do something for the new big sisters. I know my son felt a little left out when his sister was born.
Their room is in hot pink and lime green, so I used those colors as the background. I had found this great cheetah print ribbon and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. With the "Cheetah Girls" being so popular right now, I thought now would be a good time.
I hope it made Addy and Alexis feel special (because they are!) to have something done especially for them. These are $12.00 each. They have the "Curlz" font and several different ribbons attached; black, gold, and of course, cheetah print! They have also been sprayed with a glitter protective coat for extra sparkle!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baby Dreaming in Green

Anne Vance's mother has found a new favorite baby shower gift - and I am loving it! She ordered this one for a set of parents who have chosen not to know the gender of their baby before the birth. I did it in yellow and lime green. I also used "baby" instead of the name. I absolutely love how it turned out and the fact that it work beautifully either way! Thanks, Anne's mom! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break!!

I am officially on a two week Spring Break. I promise to have lots of new things for you to see. I have had several new orders, and they will be finished and posted soon. In the meantime, Lauren and I are kickin' it in our pajamas and playing with the digital camera! Thanks so much to all of you who are taking advantage of the spring sale! Now get out and enjoy these warm, beautiful days!!

Friday, March 16, 2007


I did this pineapple for Tammy Sliger. She wanted a pineapple on a cranberry background for her kitchen. I had never done a pineapple, but gave it a try. I took the close-up picture to show the leaves and the texture - my two favorite parts. Tammy requested the "Curlz" font and I think it looks great! I also like this one because it can be left up all year round. This one is 12x24 and costs $40.00.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my ten year wedding anniversary. This is me and my husband, Mike, back in the day! We were dating and won tickets to sit down on the field at the Vandy/Notre Dame game. He introduced me to the world of sports, and so many other things. He has brought so much to my life. Thank you for ten wonderful years! I couldn't do it without your love and support!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mekyna is dreaming!

One thing I love about this job is getting to meet new people. I have met so many nicest, most creative people through my work that live right here in McMinnvile and I never knew it! One of those people is Vanessa Hillis. I did this one for a friend of hers who is expecting baby Mekyna. Vanessa was so sweet and easy to work with. She wanted a purple version of the pink and aqua baby sleeping signs previously posted. Thanks so much Vanessa , for all of your orders...and for your understanding. I am so sorry about the mistake!!! If you want to hear a funny story about this posting, just ask me or Vanessa!
**These will only be $7.00 during the Spring Break sale! Stock up now!!

Cowbot Tate

Lara Hilliard ordered this cowboy themed canvas as a gift. Lara has great taste and is very forward thinking. She always seems to be ahead of the trends! It seems like every time she orders something, it is something I've never done before.
I did a little online boot research to get the boot and the pattern just right. I also used the "Wanted" font for the name. I decided on the rope border and you just can't leave out the silver star badge! I just love it! Now I wish Carter had a cowboy room! Thank you, Lara, for challenging me to try new and different things.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter may be over...

I think winter may be on its way out. It is sort of sad that this is all of the snow we got this year. My children, however, were not deterred from trying to sled! Here are my two dolls making the most of things. Now we are looking forward to working in the yard, riding bikes, and all of those other warm weather activities. Happy Spring!

Alison's Butterflies

One of my very best customers, Alison Cummins, wanted something other than the bunny for spring. She had the snowman hanging in her entry hall and had really enjoyed it this winter. She wanted to keep that size (12x24) of canvas. Her walls are sort of a lime green color and she thought maybe butterflies would work.
I decided to expand on the lime green walls and use several different shades in that same family; lime, aqua, teal, and forest green. I kept the wings white to really show the colors and patterns. I used the patterns and added a dragonfly to make it a little more sophisticated and "grown up".
I would love to try this same canvas in other color families. I really like how it turned out. She can leave it up all through summer! Thanks so much, Alison!

More Bunnies!

Here are two more beautiful versions of the "Modern Bunny" previously posted. The other one has an aqua blue background and uses a different font. It also has a polka dot ribbon. It looks great on my front door!
These two were ordered in the past couple of weeks. They both requested the "Curlz" font and feature the gingham ribbon, which I just love! The hot pink one is for Tammy Sliger and the yellow one is for Nicole Crouch. Tammy's is 8x10 ($20.00) and Nicole's is 11x14 ($30.00). I hope you both enjoy them! Happy Spring!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Pioneer Jersey

This Warren County Middle School basketball team jersey was done for Roth Nunley. His mom, Katrina, requested the red background. I had never done one like that. I usually use a light background, so I wasn't sure about it. In the end, I absolutely love how it turned out. Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to broaden your horizons!
This one is 16x20 and costs $40.00. There is a football jersey, cheerleading uniform, and a baseball jersey posted on the blog as well. These make wonderful gifts for seniors and at the end of the season. It is also a great alternative to having the jersey framed.

All Sports

This "all sports" canvas was ordered as a gift for Reed Tucker Garrison. He is involved in so many sports that one jersey wouldn't do the job! This is a great idea for that kind of boy! The sports equipment can be changed to fit your needs.
I chose the khaki background because it looks masculine, but also because it would match any wall color. The red, white, and blue stripes are for the Pioneers, of course! The popular "Curlz" font did not compliment this theme, so I used a more classic choice, "Times". The color and font can also be changed! This one is 16x20 and costs $40.00.

Monday, March 5, 2007


The best beautician:) in McMinnville, Brooke Totherow, ordered a canvas for her friend's baby shower. She knew their bedding was online and wanted something done to match. They were using Pottery Barn's "Transportation" series.
I looked at the sheets and chose the plane. It turned out very simple, but so classy. Plus, it matches perfectly! The background is gloss white, so it will look fabulous on any wall color.
I hope Bert, Lauren, and little Blair Sinks love their new artwork!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gray Bunny

This is the first full length bunny I have done. It was designed to fit on the popular 12x24 (snowman) size canvas. Paula Wanamaker emailed me about doing something for her on that size because she had enjoyed her other one so much. I am glad to hear it, Paula! Thank you!
The bunny is gray and the background is light blue. He also have a tiny pale pink ribbon around his neck. There are assorted little pieces of grass and daisies around the bottom. the name, "the Wanamakers", fit better ate the top. I liked it slightly going over the ears. This has been lightly sprayed with glitter for a little sparkle. It was then sprayed again with a clear coat for extra protection in the outdoors. Just like the snowman, this one is $40.00.

Shhh...Baby Sleeping

Here are the sweet little "baby sleeping" signs that hang on the nursery doorknobs. The top one, the boy version, is for Tiffany Smith and her new baby boy, Maverick. It is aqua blue with a moon and stars on it. I have also attached sheer aqua and white ribbon. The writing says "shhh...Maverick is sleeping!" in the "Curlz" font. It is sprayed with a clear coat for extra shine and protection.
The bottom one is for a fellow teacher, Jane Ann Bryant, and her new baby girl, Elizabeth. It is hot pink with the moon and stars. It also has sheer pale pink dotted and white ribbon attached. The writing says "shhh...Elizabeth is dreaming" in the "Curlz" font. It has been lightly sprayed with glitter for sparkle!
Both of these wonderful baby gifts are 5x5 and the ribbon is included. They are $12.00 each. They make such a good gifts because they are personalized. They also do not have to match the nursery if you don't know the theme. They also ship really well to friends and family that live out of town. I am able to do these in any color schemes!