Shhh...Baby Sleeping

Here are the sweet little "baby sleeping" signs that hang on the nursery doorknobs. The top one, the boy version, is for Tiffany Smith and her new baby boy, Maverick. It is aqua blue with a moon and stars on it. I have also attached sheer aqua and white ribbon. The writing says "shhh...Maverick is sleeping!" in the "Curlz" font. It is sprayed with a clear coat for extra shine and protection.
The bottom one is for a fellow teacher, Jane Ann Bryant, and her new baby girl, Elizabeth. It is hot pink with the moon and stars. It also has sheer pale pink dotted and white ribbon attached. The writing says "shhh...Elizabeth is dreaming" in the "Curlz" font. It has been lightly sprayed with glitter for sparkle!
Both of these wonderful baby gifts are 5x5 and the ribbon is included. They are $12.00 each. They make such a good gifts because they are personalized. They also do not have to match the nursery if you don't know the theme. They also ship really well to friends and family that live out of town. I am able to do these in any color schemes!