Cheetah Girls

When I finally got around to making a gift for the family of the new Crouch twins, all of my ideas had already been taken! I decided to do something for the new big sisters. I know my son felt a little left out when his sister was born.
Their room is in hot pink and lime green, so I used those colors as the background. I had found this great cheetah print ribbon and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. With the "Cheetah Girls" being so popular right now, I thought now would be a good time.
I hope it made Addy and Alexis feel special (because they are!) to have something done especially for them. These are $12.00 each. They have the "Curlz" font and several different ribbons attached; black, gold, and of course, cheetah print! They have also been sprayed with a glitter protective coat for extra sparkle!