Master Bedroom Before and After

My husband and I actually chose a smaller bedroom than our daughter (which you'll see later!) for several reasons.  One, we only have a laundry closet, and it is in this room.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is actually very convenient!  Two, having a large bedroom was not nearly as important to us as is was to her.  Three, I like a cozy bedroom.  Four, this one had the vanity that I so love.  
Here is the before, which is not looking so cozy.  It took a lot of convincing to get my husband on board with this one.  It has painted paneling, which I kept.  It also has tile floors, which I did not keep.  I first removed the wall heater and dark bamboo window treatment.  There were large wooden curtain rods that I kept.  I just painted them the trim color and had them raised.  The trim was in fairly bad shape, kind of pieced together, so a lot of that was replaced for a cleaner look.

Here is the after from the same angle.  The walls were painted Winter Flannel and the trim is Summer Gray, both by Valpsar.  The vanity that was featured earlier is just past those closet doors.  I had the floors done to match the original hardwood in the rest of the house for a cohesive look.  The large, dark ceiling fan was replaces with a sleek low profile version.  The curtains are from World Market and Ikea.  The rug is a family heirloom.

We do have a king size bed in this relatively tiny room.  There is plenty of space all the way around, but the bed definitely is the centerpiece of the area!  I love our bed.  To be honest, I probably spend more time here than anywhere else in the house.  If I have time to relax, it will be in here rather than the couch like a lot of people!  Our delicious furry comforter is AMAZING!  I ordered it from and wasn't 100% sure because I like to feel my bedding before I buy it.  It is so warm and soft.  Everyone loves it!  I have an assortment of patterned and embroidered pillows for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.  My favorite painting hangs over the bed.

The other corner in the room features an antique slip covered chair that I picked up at a neighbor's yard sale.  The seat cushion was damaged and is being repaired.  I have a small side table to hold my reading stuff and my CPAP machine.  For those of you that use one, I'd love to hear your storage tips.  There's just no way to make that thing look good!
I have a special print hanging in this corner and a Moroccan candle holder that picks up that vibe from the pillows.  The tall dresser (you can just see the corner) is against that wall and the TV is there.

This is what is looks like to wake up in this room!  I am lucky enough to do that every day and I love it.