Vanity Before and After

My husband and bought a house built in 1936 last November.  We worked with a local contractor and handyman to completely redo the inside.  The house had a lot of charm, but had also seen quite a bit of neglect.  Redoing an old house had always been something I wanted to do.  We loved the location and the price, so it seemed like the right time to jump in and do it!

We were told it would be March when completed,  We did not get to move in until May.  We also ran into some unexpected problems like floor joists and root filled pipes.  These were things we were told would happen and did our best to prepare.  I know there are a lot of horror stories out there about old house project nightmares.  I know...I read them, too!  You won't find that here.  I don't want to sugar coat it.  It is not like an eposode on HGTV.  However, we went into it with realistic expectations and enjoyed the process.  It helped to have a wonderful, patient contractor and a superhero handyman!

This is a small project in the corner of the master bedroom.  The walls are a nice paneling and I wanted to keep them.  They, along with all of the shelving and drawers, were painted "Winter Flannel" by Valspar.  I purchased laminate paint at Lowe's and painted the countertop.  It was easy to do, but needs to dry for three days!  I also replaced the knobs with beautiful crystal knobs from etsy.  The bar to hang all of my makeup bottles and cup for brushes cam from Ikea and the necklace rack from World Market.  I love hanging storage.  It gets the big pile off the countertop and out where I can actually see it!

I have lots more renovation pictures to share and will be doing so a room at a time.  I've had a lot of friends and family who have been asking to see.  I thought this might be a good way to share and to also maybe help some of you other first time "renovators"!