Where Does The Time Go?

Has it really been almost a month since I last blogged?  Wow!  We've been so busy with school, dance, ball, and well, just life, that the time is literally flying by.  We slowed down a bit to take a family trip during fall break.  We went to the same place we've gone to for about eight years, but we tried some new things!

We love Perdido Key, Florida because it is quiet and laid back.  If you are looking for tons of things to do and lots of people, then this is not the place for you.  We just chill at the pool or beach all day, go out to eat at a non-chain restaurant, and back to our beach house.  Yep.  The Mansfields live large!

This year we went kayaking!  We rented these two for three hours and spent the time traveling to the small islands in the bay.  We love exploring the sandbars and found all kinds of interesting sea life.  Both of the kids said this was their favorite part of the trip!  We used Perdido Key Waterpsorts and Autumn was very nice and helpful!

Our son went deep sea fishing with his grandpa, but my husband and I took our daughter to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.  It's a small zoo but it's clean and has lots of hands on experiences.  We loved the reptile and lemur encounters!

The Purple Parrot Resort is our place to stay.  They have a beautiful lagoon style pool surrounded by pastel houses.  We all love having the whole house and our own rooms.  I'm hoping that we can continue this family tradition for many more years to come!