Back to School...

As a teacher, those aren't always my favorite words to hear.  The end of summer is always hard!  All of that extra time at home and with the kids really spoils a girl.  There are a bunch of teachers who are getting ready for back to school.  Mrs. LaFayette is doing a Dr. Seuss themed room.  How cute is this one?

Mrs. Disch wanted hot pink, gray, and aqua chevron for her room.  The aqua stripes are also glittered!  This one is so pretty!

Mrs.  Turner is using gray, yellow, and coral.  I added the flowers in one corner and used dots, chevron, and dashes - whew!  That's a lot for one canvas, but I love how it turned out!

Thank you to all of my teachers!  I love painting for you all!  

p.s. I have been working in my room, too, and will be sharing pics soon!