What Do Teachers Do In The Summer?

Order canvases, of course!  I do get lots of summer teacher orders.  Not all schools are on the same schedule so end of the year gifts and start of the year orders come all summer long!  Also, teachers like me are already planning next year's room.  There's also a lot of new teachers hired in the summer.  It all adds up to me painting teacher canvases all summer long!  Yay!!!
Canvases are great for all school jobs...not just teachers.  Principals, secretaries, counselors, the list goes on and on!  I love all of these bright and beautiful colors on the black background.  The whole thing just pops!

Don't you just love these two classics with primary dots and ribbon and a fun font?

Very specific colors were requested for this chevron design.

This 10x10 features a border of leaves and natural designs in shades of purple.  Love it!

This is my Dr. Seuss design.  I can't use Dr. Seuss images due to copyright, of course, but I can capture the feel.  The red stripes are from the Cat in the Hat and I came up with this funky font that has the fun feel of his books.

All right, teachers!  I'm back to work in August.  Get those teacher canvas orders in now...but keep enjoying your summer!