So Many Things to Celebrate!

A canvas is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion!  I am always so happy to play a small part.  This John Deere colored 4x12 canvas is for a set of twin boys - how sweet!

Done is the school colors of gold and blue, this 4x12 is for a high school graduate.  Canvases are great for the dorm room and I can paint sorority and fraternity symbols as well!

This design is one of my long standing most popular.  The family name in the background with the established date over the top will never go out of style!  It's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and new homes.

I added this one to this list because it is for a pet.  The name of the farm is in the background and the name of the horse is over the top.  This one is for the stable!  I love it!  We all love our pets and need to celebrate them, too!