Little Boy Blue

As the birth of my new nephew approaches, I am getting more and more excited about little boys!  I can't wait to meet this new baby boy!  
I painted this beautiful 11x14 navy and gray polka dot design for a returning customer.  I had painted one for the big sister not too long ago and was so happy to get to paint one for little brother, too!  Congratulations to the Watts family!

This 16x20 design features a more royal shade of blue with kelly green accents.  Mom wanted to make sure that it didn't look too babyish because she wanted to use is for a long time.  Great idea!  Lots of my canvases are designed to be used with lots of different bedding and room decor as your child grows.

I love the Bible quote they chose.  They also asked for the little boat accent in the corner.  This one is sweet and simple - I love it!  Congratulations to the Dyer family!