Just a Few Things...

I've had a little extra time for painting this summer!  I've gotten some new things done and they are all ready for immediate personalization and delivery.  I love getting to paint some things that I've had on my mind for a while.

I've always liked this Mother Teresa quote and think it would be great for the desk top.  It's a 4x4 block canvas and had been slightly distressed.  It looks like a chalkboard!

The blue mason jars are everywhere!  I decided to do a couple in more neutral tones with white, cream, khaki, and three shades of brown.  They also have a burlap hanger.

There's plenty of space on both the 11x14 and 8x10 for personalization!

I've got two stars and stripes burlap banners available.  They are so cute on the front porch and would be great for a photo opportunity!

Finally, I've got this adorable 16x20 owl painting.  Since the picture was taken, I've added more outlining and sealed it with glitter!  It's sooo cute!  It would be ideal for a girl's room, playroom, or even a classroom!