Here's lots more from the 4x12 sale...and there's still more to come!  I told you it was a hit!   I really do have the best customers and am thankful for each one.

Red and black dots in two different styles.  the front one is a little more funky with some dashes and a fun font.  The back one is more classic with a cursive font and red rhinestones in the dots.

I love the rustic design with distressing along the edges and a burlap hanger.

Primary dots are the go to design for elementary teachers.  I love all of the bright colors!  I added a more modern looking font and lots of glitter!

Don't forget the school nurse!  The red, white, and blue dots look great with the coordinating ribbon.

I also love the tropical colored dots.  A lot of teachers use this combination in their rooms and it always looks so cheerful.  These three also have lots of matching ribbon and!!!

Well, it's officially my last day.  I'm handing out report cards until 9:45, and then  my family is off on a little adventure!  Enjoy your summer!