Dance Recital 2015

It's that time of the year...recital!  Recital week is always this week in May.  With everything under the sun going on at school, recital week is always like a marathon.  Run, run, run!  The daughters look gorgeous and the moms look crazy - haha!

This year my daughter, Lauren, was in four acts.  That's more than we've ever done.  Thankfully, she is big enough now to change herself and can touch up her own hair and makeup.  I can watch the show and not have to run back and forth from backstage.  Her ballet performance was to "Singing in the Rain".  She's go a small clear umbrella in her hand.  It was so sweet!

Her jazz performance was to "Ghostbusters"!  I loved it!  The crazy pink jumpsuits were just adorable!

This is my favorite shot from the "Bugle Boy" act.  She is in a performance troupe and this is their jazz routine.  It's always been one of my favorites and I love these costumes.

The performance troupe also has a ballet routine to "Part of My World".  It really is a beautifully done routine.  All of the girls look so graceful.

Another dance year in the books!