Sunday, November 30, 2014

Teacher Canvas Christmas Orders!!

It's about that time...Christmas Break!!!  Whoopee:)!  As a teacher, I have to admit that Christmas Break is just awesome.  I love having that time before and after the big day to really enjoy everything.
Teacher canvases make the perfect gift for any special teacher in your life.  To guarantee party delivery, please get your orders in by December 5.  Thank you!!!

8x10 lime green chevron with red glitter apple - $20.00 - love this one!

These two 11x14 designs are usually $30.00.  They're my December special - $25.00 - and they feature a black background with lots of primary colors and white lettering.  Love!!!

Don't forget counselors, coaches, specialty area teachers, and the office staff!  4x12 - $20.00.

Beautiful and classic black chevron with a little lime green trim and a hint of yellow.  11x14 - $30.00 - would be so cute in your school colors!

How about just a little something?  This 5x5 is great on the door, desk, board, or in a wreath!  Love the primary dots and big bow.  The "dotty" font is a teacher classic!  $15.00.

Monday, November 10, 2014

"After the Barn Sale" Sale!!

I had a great time at Miss Rosa Mae's Barn Sale this weekend.  I do have some fabulous items left that I am offering at a sale price.  Many of these are holiday items!  

There's a bit of everything...keep all of your gift needs in mind!  Remember that everything can be personalized and shipped if needed, too.

It's all available on my facebook shop page.  Just click on the link here to go straight there!

Feel free to share and happy shopping!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Weekend...

I'll be out and about this weekend!  Make plans to drive on up the mountain and see me at Miss Rosa Mae's Barn Sale.  I've got tons of fall and Christmas items.  I'm also featuring some brand new products and designs!  Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art Classes, Anyone???

I've taught a few summer art classes in my home.  Being a teacher, this seems to work out well for me.  I absolutely loved it, and I heard lots of positive reviews from my students and their families.

I've noticed from emails, facebook posts, and people just stopping me in person that there is a real need for regular art classes in our community.  It is my opinion that this void needs to be filled.  I took art lessons as a child and they have forever impacted my life.

I am hoping to offer this service soon.  I do have long tables, chairs, and plenty of supplies.  I've also got lots of fun and educational ideas!  All I need is the space...

My summer art classes were in my home.  This is fine for a few weeks in summer, but it is just not practical for all of the time.  All I need is a simple room with a bathroom and definitely a sink!  I'd be happy to pay rent!

So, this is a call for help!  If you agree with me about the importance of art education and inspiring all of our budding artists, please be on the lookout for the perfect space!

Share this information with anyone who might have ideas or access to a space.  I am open to other suggestions as well!

Look at all of these talented artists!  Thank you in advance for your help and I hope to see you in class!