Teacher Canvas Christmas Orders!!

It's about that time...Christmas Break!!!  Whoopee:)!  As a teacher, I have to admit that Christmas Break is just awesome.  I love having that time before and after the big day to really enjoy everything.
Teacher canvases make the perfect gift for any special teacher in your life.  To guarantee party delivery, please get your orders in by December 5.  Thank you!!!

8x10 lime green chevron with red glitter apple - $20.00 - love this one!

These two 11x14 designs are usually $30.00.  They're my December special - $25.00 - and they feature a black background with lots of primary colors and white lettering.  Love!!!

Don't forget counselors, coaches, specialty area teachers, and the office staff!  4x12 - $20.00.

Beautiful and classic black chevron with a little lime green trim and a hint of yellow.  11x14 - $30.00 - would be so cute in your school colors!

How about just a little something?  This 5x5 is great on the door, desk, board, or in a wreath!  Love the primary dots and big bow.  The "dotty" font is a teacher classic!  $15.00.


tammy mcclain said…
Hi Brandi,
I sent you a text but not sure if you received it. I have pm's on Facebook but I didn't install messenger. I am wanting to order some canvases. Could you call me on my cell phone 808-1114.