A Few More Teachers...

Miss Erika just got married and need a Mrs. Erika sign!  She chose the same canvas she had, just with that one important update.  She's a bug UT fan and wanted to keep the orange, light blue, and white.  I love a repeat customer!  Thank you, Erika!!!

This one shipped out to a California piano teacher.  She was very specific about her colors around the border, the black dotted border, and using a "flowy" font.  She decided to add the music notes as well.  Pretty!

Billie was helping me out one afternoon!

Mrs. Pierce in Murfreesboro chose a fabulous color combination for her classroom.  She requested lime green, turquoise, and hot pink.  This is going to really stand out in the school hallway!

I painted tons of teacher canvases this summer.  Thank you, educators, for all of your orders!!!