Today's the Day - Pineapples!!!

Today's the day!  You can order your "Pineapple Special" canvases at a fabulous discounted price!  I've got a few recent pictures here so you  can see a few of your options.  Of course, your canvas is completely custom so order exactly what you want!!  The details are below...

So, here's the deal...
  • Order an 11x14 pineapple canvas during the month of July for just $20.00.  Order as many as you want at that price!  It's a $10.00 savings for you!
  • Background must be khaki with the cream dots.
  • Basic design with the border, pineapple on the right side, and horizontal placement stays the same.
  • You can choose your colors and wording.
  • Shipping is $5.00 for the first canvas, $1.00 for each additional canvas.  Local delivery is free. 
I am looking forward to painting for you all!!  Just email me with orders and any questions.