Meanest Mom Ever...

Well, summer is wrapping up here at the Mansfield house.  I'm a teacher and my husband is a principal so it's back to work for us really soon!  I'm trying to get some last minute things done around the house and enlisted the kids to help.  I see no problem with making the kids do chores around the house.  I've taught them the way that I want it done.

They think I being "mean" and that none of their friends have to do chores.  That can't be true!  Even if it is, I need the help and they need to learn how to keep house.  It's a win/win!!  They'll be happy to go to school when I get done with them - haha!

I've also been working hard on getting as many orders completed as possible.  It's hard to find time to paint during those first few weeks of school.  I love this sweet quote in navy and yellow that shipped out last week.

This pretty baby quote in pale pink, sage green, and chocolate brown is also all done and shipped!

Finally, I completed this neutral four piece set for the bathroom.  I love this color combination!

I've got several more ready to post soon and even more canvases on the table.  If you've got an order in, please be patient with me!  I'm looking forward to getting started on lots of new fall and winter items.  I really do have the best customers ever!!  Thank you!