I am sooooo in love with this canvas!  The whole vintage romantic look is completely my style.  I've always loved antique things.  This 16x20 piece is custom designed to match some really pretty bedding.  The link to which I cannot find anywhere!

There's a pale pink circle in the center with small white dots for the frame.  The "Tiffany" blue background has large white polka dots.  The entire background has been distressed.

The name is in the center in a fuchsia.  The two large roses are in shades of pink with green leaves and stems.  This one was very time consuming and those roses were quite a challenge.  However, I am so proud of this accomplishment!

I've been blogging a lot less this summer.  I'm just enjoying my home and family and not spending so much time on the computer.  I'm still here!  Be sure to check back on July 1st and order your pineapple!