TCAP Week!!!

So...In my world, it's TCAP week!  This is the week that rubber hits the road.  Do they know their stuff or not?  It's stressful, but really at this point, I've already taken a deep breath and said what's done is done.  
Teachers need some love this week!  Today is the last day to take advantage of the "Teacher Love" sale.  You can order any 6x9 or 4x12 teacher canvas for just $12.00.  Awesome!  Did I say that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY?  You better get on it!

Here's some that I've already me, there's lots more to come!  How cute is this gray, lime, and aqua design for new teacher Jessica Higgins?

Irving College black and gold for their guidance counselor, Holly Luna.  Yes, that is black polka dotted burlap ribbon!

Two really bright and cheery 4x12's for Lauren's third grade teacher, Mrs. Jessica Alford, and one of my favorite art teachers of all time, Ms. Linda Dunlap.  I couldn't choose one ribbon color, so they got three!

My sister, Ashley Barnes, is a guidance counselor at Dekalb County Elementary.  She wanted pink, lime, and blue flowers.  I love how her's turned out!

Two of the "shabby apple" designs as gifts for special teachers.  Don't you love that red chevron ribbon?

Here's my sweet cat, Billie, showing you what I look like when I get home from work these days - haha!!  I turn the big 3-9 tomorrow...who knows what that will look like!