Signs of Spring...

A sure sign of Spring at our house is baseball season!  It started for Carter this past Monday night in exciting fashion.  His team won by one run in extra innings - good news.  Carter collided with another player and has a banged up knee and a split chin.  The other player broke his shin and had to have some stitches in his cheek -bad news.
I love this quote ordered by Tiffany Judkins as a gift for a special coach.  It really could be changed in the background for any sport.  Sometime we forget just how important good coaches are!

Easter was really late this year.  It ended up being a gorgeous day.  We did our Easter lunch and egg hunt at my parents' house.  This is my favorite picture of the kids from that day!  They are sort of outgrowing Easter hunts and bunnies, but it was still nice just to spend some time together.