Show Us Your Life - Design Challenges

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to share all of my design challenges.  We moved into our house about two year ago.  All of the wall were a cream color except for the dining room which was a burnt orange color.  The house we were moving from also had all cream walls.  What color was my big design challenge.  I was ready to experiment with some color and had an (almost!) clean canvas.
I started in my daughter's room.  Her room had this AMAZING high ceiling with gorgeous trim.  It was all white and had a huge white ceiling fan.  I took a deep breath and chose the pale aqua for the ceiling and a soft line for the walls.  The color really made the trim pop!  We changed the ceiling fan out for a chandelier and added the white vinyl.  LOVE!

I let my son choose the color and theme for his new room.  He asked for baseball and blue walls.  I could that going wrong in so many ways.  I was very leery about the stormy blue.  When I opened the paint can it looked SO dark!  Once I got it on the walls, I loved it!  His ceiling stayed cream and again the color made the trim look really nice.  We chose the baseball quilt for Pottery Barn Kids and added the dream vinyl.

The kitchen/living room/entry hall is all sort of one big room.  We definitely have an open floor plan!  All of the was painted the really pretty soft green and the ceilings were left white.  You can kind of get a little peek into my studio.  It is a dark green and the lower rim of the tray ceiling is one shade even darker.  This is what was the orange dining room!

Our bedroom is a creamy tan/gray color but the ceiling is chocolate brown.  The ceiling was already that color when we moved in, but the walls were that color, too.  It was just too much brown!  Now the walls and ceiling look separate but compliment each other.  Plus, it just looks more peaceful.

Our bathroom, which connects to the bedroom, was also brown on brown.  I didn't want to match exactly, but still look good side by side.  The walls are the same blue as my daughter's ceiling!  I did accents in in bronze and used lots of cream and khaki towels.  I loved how it turned out, too!

I have a feeling that I'll be like Kelly and my house will look just like this 10 years from now!  I did whatever I wanted when we moved in, love it, and don't really have any desire to change it any time soon.  I do like to update a refresh with new accessories or a furniture move here and there.  A whole big paint and remodel?  Not anytime soon!  

Thanks for stopping by today!