Princess For A Day...

Pageant day started with a butter biscuit and orange juice from Hardee's.  It was eaten in the car on the way to the beauty shop!  Breakfast of champions!

Getting the hair done is Lauren least favorite part of the pageant prep.  We have the best stylist in the world!  Miss Brooke makes it at least a little less painful.

We had some time to kill before the actual pageant so we came home and rested.  I did her nails myself.  A manicure seriously lasts about one day on that child!  We also practiced walking in those shoes.  Lauren's aunt, Emily, did her makeup backstage.  We are so lucky to have a pageant pro in the family!

Time to hit the stage!

Here she is in groups.  There were 16 in the pageant and Lauren was number 8.  

When she got called back in the top 10, she got to answer an on stage question.  Her question was about what she liked to do after school.  Lauren has recently started taking Spanish lessons on Wednesday afternoons.  The said that was her favorite thing because it is important to be able to communicate with people from other countries.  I'm so proud!

The crowning!

Look at that smile.  That is one excited little girl!

Posing for pictures...I love this picture because the photographer for newspaper in my mom!  She's so good at her job!

2014 Young Miss Snow Princess Court

Just the girls!  Carter was playing in a basketball tournament and Mike coaches.  They didn't get to make it home in time.

Lauren and her grandmothers.  The grandpas decided it was just too pretty of a day to spend it inside! 

Win or lose, I am so proud of her just for having the confidence to get up there on that stage.  Of course, I think she's beautiful.  She's also smart, sweet, and funny.  I know this is just going to be one of her many accomplishments.  I am just happy to be along for the ride.


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