Wooden Signs - Round Two

I've had so much fun painting these little signs!  This is something I've wanted to try for a while and I'm so glad I did.  This side of the butterfly is ready for July - hard to imagine right now!

This side is a pretty aqua.  It's actually glittered but it is hard to tell in the picture.  It's waiting for a design and personalization of your choosing.
Butterfly - $20.00

I love that this one is completely different on both sides!  You're ready for summer with a sun and cute aqua glitter sunglasses!

It's a daisy for spring on the other side.  It would be really cute with a monogram in the center or a spring or Easter saying.
Sun/Daisy - $20.00

I think the little bird shape might just be my favorite!  The one side is pastel chevron with "Happy Spring".  I'd love to see this one in a wreath.

This side is a pretty new color I bought and it turned out so good!  There's a sweet little fave and a plaid wing.  You can add any custom wording that you'd like.
Bird - $20.00

This side of the dragonfly is more of the traditional design.  I like the lime body and the mesh design on the wings.  I've always loved dragonflies!  This would be perfect for a cabin or houseboat.  You can add a name or cute saying on this side.

The other side is very patriotic and ready for the 4th!  So cute!
Dragonfly - $20.00