Teacher Chevron

One of my very best customers, Brittney Watts, ordered this really pretty teacher canvas for her classroom.  She sent me three swatches of chevron fabric in gray, hot pink, and a dark aqua to use as inspiration.

I combined all three colors into one chevron pattern.  The dark aqua strip has been glittered for a little extra sparkle!  I really do like how it turned out and so did Mrs. Watts!

As the end of the school year approaches, keep your teachers in mind!  I have two 11x14's ready for immediate personalization and delivery.  They are both $30.00.  The top one featured three shades of aqua with the darkest strip being glittered.  It has black ribbon and a black dotted border.

This one has a khaki background with black chevron and black ribbon.  The circle frame in the center has a double dotted border.  This is one of my favorites and would look great with just a monogram in the center.

In other summer news, I've chosen two topics for my summer painting classes in June.  I don't have July planned and am taking suggestions!  Just click here to get a sneak peek!!