On My Table...

I've had some time at home over the break.  It has been so nice!  I've been a little spoiled and now I don't want to go anywhere!  I took some time and painted a couple of things that weren't orders.  They're just things I wanted to paint.

I have ideas bouncing around in my head all of the time.  I rarely sit down and actually put them on canvas.  I wanted something small to put on my mantle.  Our TV hands over it so I can have anything tall blocking it.  I picked out all of my favorite winter colors and patterns and put them all together in four blocks.  They will spell out SNOW when finished!

I love oval and round canvases.  They're just a change from the normal rectangle and square.  I wanted to do a plain and simple snowman...no face, buttons, or carrot noses.  I also wanted to do it in all shades of white and gray.  The little dash of color will be in the scarf and wording.

I think I'm going to take them out and scuff them up a bit for a rustic look before I add those last little details.  

I've got a few more things to try before heading back to school on Monday!