Finished Products

In the last post, you saw the in progress photos of these pieces.  Now you get to see the finished products!  I am so happy with how they all turned out!

The two snowmen sold to two of my regular customers.  Darlene Goodwin purchased the larger chevron patterned one.  Michelle Best claimed the smaller polka dot version.  Both ladies told me to use whatever colors and fonts I wanted - woo hoo!  

I love the pale pink with the gray.  It's great for winter, but perfect for Valentine's Day!  The aqua is always my go-to color.  If someone tells me to choose, that person is probably getting aqua!  I think this G is my favorite letter that I've painted in a long time!

My snow blocks turned out so cute - even better than how I had them pictured in my head!  The blues, lavender, and aquas looks so pretty together.

This set is on my mantle and I think it's just going to stay there.  I do have one more set of canvas blocks available for immediate delivery - $40.00 shipped.


The Yarbrough's said…
You are very talented!! I love looking at your stuff.

Love love love the snowmen and the colors you picked!! So cute.