Girly Girls!

Oooohhh...I love all the pastels!  I especially love them this time of the year when I'm fall colored out and about to overdose on red and green!  It's always nice to expand my color palette just a wee bit.  This sweet 10x10 princess verse for Cassi shipped out a little while back.

This one of my absolute favorite quotes for the baby nursery.  However, it would be really special for any child.  I think it would be perfect for adoptive parents as well.  This is a really pretty color combination of hot pink, lime, gray, and navy.

Here's the same quote with hearts instead of dots.  Wouldn't this be cute with stars and in blues and yellows, too?  This 11x14 also features a purple, lavender, and pink color combination.

Here's two more of the princess canvases for a set of sisters, Maddie and Marley.  So sweet!