Things are always busy for everyone, but it seems like things have been busier than usual.  School is crazy.  Lauren has started playing basketball, dances, and was in a pageant.  She didn't win anything, but she is gorgeous inside and out.  I love this picture of her!  Carter's basketball games and practices are keeping us on the road, too.

My mother had rotator cuff surgery.  She did really well and is recovering.  All four of us in the Mansfield house have had some kind of sickness.  Carter is just getting over the flu right now.  With some of my home time, I took on a project that had been sitting in my garage for a while.  This is my paint chest that was just plain wood.  I bought the little dresser for $45.  It was a different color of wood.

I painted them both cream, distressed them with sandpaper, and used a light brown wax.  I also replaced the brass drawer pull on the dresser with some colorful porcelain ones from World Market.  It not sits in my office and holds all of my art supplies.  I love it!

I've gotten most of my previous orders completed so I can focus on getting all of those Christmas ornament canvases started.  If you ordered one, they will all be finished and delivered by December 18 as promised.

If you are still wanting to place a Christmas order of any type, please get them in by December 5.  Thanks so much!!


Hope y'all are on the mend! Get well soon!