My Whole Life...

Isn't this saying just the sweetest thing?

Paula Smith ordered this canvas custom designed to match her new bedding.  The comforter is yellow, gray, and white in a flower pattern.  I chose two of the flowers and added them to the corner.  I think it turned out so pretty and will look great on the gray wall.

Speaking of my whole's mine.  Everything I do is for them.  We had some wonderful new family pictures made for this year's Christmas card.  I love having new pictured made each year to capture our ever changing family.

Carter is looking more and more like a man.  Just comparing his picture to last year's really makes me realize how quickly time is going by.

Bethany Tramel at Tramel and Co. Photography took our pictures.  She did a fabulous job showing our personalities and was so patient!

My little Lauren is not so little anymore either.  She had her braces put on two days before our big picture day.  She was still ready to flash that smile!

Now the hard part will be choosing which picture to use on the card!