Fall Break!

So, it's almost fall break time!  I could not be more ready for a little time off.  I am looking forward to just resting and spending some much needed quality time with my family.  With that being said, the school year is just flying by.  I can't believe the first nine weeks are already gone!

I always paint bunches of teacher canvases in the summer and at the start of the school year...I'm still going strong!  Heather Shehane was my contest winner a while back.  Here's the design she chose.  I love it!

This one was an etsy order that shipped out for Mrs. Kelley.  She chose the classic apple that I love on the black background.  I had a bit of apple ribbon that went so well with the gingham.

Kris Ann Stanley is a new teacher who wanted a bright monogram for her classroom door.  I really like how the S turned out.  This one will be seen all the way down the hallway!

Finally, my teaching partner, Beverly Crouch, ordered this one as a gift for her student teacher.  I thought that was such a sweet idea.  I know Mrs. Higgins is going to be a great teacher and now has a little something for her first classroom.

 Remember that I am closed until October 26.  Be ready with those Christmas orders when I open back up!  Enjoy your fall break, too!