Tutorial: Easy Teacher Gift

Lauren's third grade teacher has taken a new job as a speech pathologist.  She had gotten pretty attached to her already and was devastated.  Making a "good-bye" gift for her and "welcome" gift for the new teacher seemed to make her feel better.
We started by painting an 11x14 canvas white and letting it completely dry.  Next, we taped a box in the center with regular masking tape.

I painted Lauren's hand in the shades of blue that she chose and pressed them around the canvas.

Here my little Martha Stewart!

When the paint dried, we just peeled off the tape to reveal a nice, clean shape in the center.  I painted the name in the center and added coordinating ribbon.  She made the one for the new teacher using the same technique with some flower and butterfly stamps that I had.

We sealed it with some spray clear polyurethane.  I let her write a message, the year, and sign her name with a sharpie on the back.  It turned out really cute and will hopefully be a sweet keepsake for Mrs. Eldridge!


AJ said…
So cute!!! I don't have kids yet, but I love this idea :)