The Cabbage Patch

Lauren got a Cabbage Patch Kid for her birthday back in February.  She loves dolls and has a Bitty Baby that has always been a favorite.  She has gotten really attached to Belle Erica, her Asian Cabbage Patch Baby.  Over the summer I was looking for safe website for her to play games on, and we came across the Cabbage Patch site.  

It did have some cute stuff to do, but she was fascinated with the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia.  We promised to take her over the summer and just got too busy.  We had a Marriot coupon for a free night that expired soon, so we decided to take off on the four hour drive after school last Friday.

Babyland General is no where near an interstate.  You exit just past Chattanooga and the rest of the way is winding little backroads.  Cleveland is a very small town.  We ate lunch at the little pharmacy/diner on the town square.  However, everyone was very nice and the actual hospital is a neat place.  If you love Cabbage Patch dolls, then this is the place to go!

Lauren had to sign "official" adoption papers and take a pledge to be a good mommy.  

Here she is in the patch.  She chose the baby right beside her with blond hair, green eyes, and the pink striped pajamas.  It was neat to walk through the patch and choose the perfect baby!

The "doctor" tells the story of the cabbage patch and how the babies grow and wait to be adopted.  It was fantasy and definitely had to use your imagination!

She was so happy to bring little Mary Jane home!  Carter decided that this trip was not for him and stayed home with the grandparents.  It was really nice to have some special daughter time, and I think she enjoyed being the only child for a little while!


The Yarbrough's said…
How cool!!!! I never knew there was such a thing. Thanks for sharing!! :)'
Amanda said…
Isn't that just the coolest place?!?! This is a new facility that is only 3ish years old. When I was a little girl, I went to the original babyland hospital and we took out oldest to both the original one and the new one. It brought back so many memories. Glad you had fun!!