Teacher #4 - Kristen Kell


Kristen Kell is a good friend of mine...from waayyy back in the JA days!  I didn't even know she was teaching until she contacted me about this order.  I'm so happy for her!  She requested polka dots and black and hot pink.  She also mentioned that she likes the black and hot pink 31 design.
I started with the polka dots in the background in a metallic silver.  They really are metallic - not glittery!  They are so pretty but it was hard to capture that sheen in a picture.

I used the 31 pattern as inspiration to do the black and white border.  Finally, I added a  little hot pink border and the matching ribbon.  Since her name is really short, I wrote it a bit larger than usual and tilted it to the side.  I love it!!!

Thank you so much, Kristen!


Heather S said…
I love the black and hot pink ... Very pretty!