Fall Is In The Air!

Fall is my absolute favorite season!  Can you believe that it is already almost here?  I always do a few craft shows (more details coming soon!) and have been busy painting for them.  I've done an 11x14 pumpkin on light blue with navy accents.  Just a little change from the typical brown and black!

I've got this cute 8x24 in orange and black dots and chevron.  I know it's kind of hard to tell, but there are purple accents.  The name or saying goes at the bottom.

I love the green and burnt orange for this smaller 8x10.  It also has the prettiest burlap mesh ribbon.

I included two shots of this gorgeous and very detailed 12x24.  This one is all of my favorite fall colors in dots and stripes.  It also features this shape off to one side that's perfect for a monogram.  I had imagined this sitting on a mantle with lots of pumpkins and greenery!

Finally, I've also got two 8x10's in orange dots and purple chevron.  These two both have orange ribbon on top for hanging.  One says "Happy Fall" and the other "Happy Halloween".  Both of these are perfect for the front door, the classroom, or in a wreath.

I'm looking forward to coming up with lots more fall designs.  I'm also excited about the cooler weather, pumpkins, fall break trips, and school basketball!  Yay, fall!


Mommy's Heart said…
These decorations looks so good.. It would be fun to have them for Halloween :)
Seana Turner said…
I love your work.. so creative and fun!