How To Add Glitter To Practically Anything: Tutorial

I have an eight-year-old daughter and we both love for things to be glittery!  I've always done the old school Elmer's glue and sprinkle glitter.  Shake off the extra.  Repeat.  It's a mess and it never quite completely covers.  I had a coupon for 40% any regular priced item at Michael's and decided to try something new.  It is glitter transfer paper!

I got the Martha Stewart brand of the medium and one pack of the glitter paper.  The medium is basically a really thick version of Elmer's glue.  You do have to squirt it out and paint it on with a paintbrush.  It is great because you can cover a very large area or get in those tiny spaces.

It paints on white - like this - and I do recommend that you follow the directions on the bottle and let it dry the full 10 minutes.  It's hard to wait!  We tried it a little early and it does not work until it is good and tacky.

Here's  my little girl putting the transfer paper glitter side down on the medium.  The she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed with the rounded end of the paintbrush to transfer the glitter from the paper to her painting.  They do sell sticks for this purpose.  Popsicle sticks, plastic paintbrushes, or really anything that's not sharp will work.  You do have to rub a while to get it really glittery!

Here's the finished detail of the glitter fireworks on her Cinderella's Castle painting.  This is just basic acrylic craft paint on a stretched canvas.  The transfer medium will work on lots of different surfaces.

Yay!  It turned out so cute!  Everything is better with a little sparkle!


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