Getting Ready... go back to school!  As much as I am enjoying my summer, I am starting to make plans to start a new school year.  Lots of other teachers are too!  Tiffany Judkins is a new teacher who is doing all colors of polka dots with black in her classroom.  I think this will be the perfect addition!

This pretty canvas in blue was done and delivered a while back.  There are actually three shades of blue with black accents and outlining.  She also chose this pretty font.  I've also done this one in pink and green.  It looks so cute in any color combination!

Finally, Mrs. Feagley is an English teacher in Indiana.  She purchased the gumball machine I painted and wanted the customization to be something she could use at school.

I love it!  If I were a Reading teacher, I would so have one of these!  I can just see this in a cute classroom or library.  Thank you, Mary!