Cincinnati Love

It seems like we always travel to the southeast for vacations even when we are not going to the beach.  We go to Florida tons, but we've also been to Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and even a road trip up the coast to Maryland.
We are going to the beach for fall break so we decided to try something new.  We went in the opposite direction and ended up in Ohio.  It was something different and we really had a good time!  After a stop at the bat factory in Louisville, Kentucky, we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge just outside of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio.

It was a really neat place that had one of those HUGE indoor water parks, outdoor pools, bowling alley, arcade, several restaurants, and mini golf.  Lauren even made a special treat visit to the Scoops Spa!  Here she is participating in the one of the pool side children's activities.

Carter loved the pools and they had a wide variety of things to do.  I liked that I could set up camp in a nice lawn chair and just let them check in every once in a while.  The room was super cute and kids had their own little area with bunk beds!
The Great Wolf Lodge is right next to King's Island amusement park.  I didn't take my camera with me because we like to ride all of the roller coasters!  It was a big park with lots of different types of rides so everyone was happy.

On our final day, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.  It is one of the biggest zoos that I've ever visited.  They had the little birds that drink nectar out of your hand.  I love those!  They had a great cheetah show where you actually got to see them run rather than just lying around.

There were tons of unusual animals.  I loved the night hunters exhibit and the river otters.  they also had the huge fruit bats that were just out in the open - awesome!  The kids liked all of the crazy monkeys.

There was also several cool play areas.  They hung out on the giant spider webs for a while!

Mike also took Carter to a Cincinnati Reds game while Lauren and I rested in the hotel so I don't have any pictures from that either.  They do have a brand new stadium that is so nice.

It was fun to do something new and see a different part of the United States.  I'm still looking forward to heading to the beach in October!