It's that time of the season!  I paint lots and lots of established canvases, monograms, and the newer song lyric design right around this month.  They do make great gifts and decorations!  I love these two simple, classic B monograms that I did for my co-worker, Dana Grissom.  

Here's some pretty first dance song lyrics in the custom colors of teal and gray.

And another set of wedding song lyrics in teal and brown.  This one wanted the name and date added at the bottom.

This Bible verse was in the wedding vows and is just perfect on a canvas.  This one is also in teal and brown and has the name and date at the bottom.

Finally, one more set of wedding song lyrics, this time in the requested colors of purple and brown.  I'm so happy to be a tiny part of all of these couples' special days.  Congratulations to you all!