More Weddings

I told you I'd been painting a lot for weddings lately!  I wasn't's a few more!  Here's a really pretty set of wedding song lyrics.  This one is a little different because of it's square size and that it has the hand stamping all in the background.

This is a large 16x20 size.  I love the huge initial in the background with the couples' name over the top.  It's very simple and clean.  They gave me the ribbon to use on the top and to match the colors.

Here's a couple of the established canvases.  This one features some really pretty earth tones with just a hint of red.  I also like the swirls in the background.

This one is a little plainer, but still just as beautiful.  If features a truly earth tone palette with the cream, khaki, and chocolate brown all topped off with a chocolate satin ribbon.

Here's my favorite verse for any couple, new or old!

I thought this was a great idea for a wedding...a thumbprint tree!  I left it unsealed so guests could put their thumbprints as the leaves when they signed in.  What a fabulous keepsake for the bride and groom!