These little sets of 5x5's are one design that I just keep coming back to!  I've done them in so many color combinations that I've lost count!  And the great thing is that they all look soooo cute!  This was an etsy order that shipped out a while back.  I love all the bright colors in the dots and the ribbons.

This set was a local order for Jennifer.  She send me a picture of an adorable shower curtain that had cartoon cows on it.  The main colors were black and white (of course!) with some red, light blue, and gold.  I know this set is going to be perfect for that bathroom!

This more neutral set was also an etsy order.  It features a pale olive green, aqua, orange, and gold with accents of brown.  Love it!


Jennifer West said…
Those are seriously cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! :-)