Yellowy Goodness!

It's almost spring time!  My favorite color changes all of the time, but yellow is always right up there at the top.  Always has been.  It is just the perfect color for spring!

It was always yellow and baby pink.  And then I did a lot of yellow and lime.  All of those were pretty, but the yellow and gray combination is so fresh and modern.  I love it!  Pair that color combo with chevron, and it is a match made in heaven!
This one was ordered to match a baby shower invitation.  It was going to be used on the table as decoration and then on to the nursery.  I love that idea - so smart!  Thank you so much for the order, Whitney!

This yellow is a little paler but still oh so pretty!  It is paired with navy blue and light blue - along with that gorgeous gray.  This one was painted for a third brother.  Click here and here to see the other two matching ones.  I saw that pic of baby Carter that you sent me when he was born - how sweet!!!  Congrats on the new baby, Laura!

How about the new look for the blog?  I am loving it!  A super big thanks to Jennisa for doing such a fabulous job.  You can also check out my new blog, Dream Custom Artwork Classes, for information on some summer art classes.  Yay!!


Heather said…
Love these! You are so talented! Yellow is at the top of my list too. It's so cheery!
Heather said…
Oh, and ps: I'm in Cookeville. Not too far from you : )