Show Us Your Life - Nieces and Nephews

Yay!  Today I get to show off my nieces and nephews by linking up with Kelly's Show Us Your Life Series.  Like everyone else today, I have the absolute cutest, smartest, sweetest nieces and nephews on the planet!  
Pictured above is my nephew, Gunner, who is a teenager and loves playing lacrosse.  My niece, Addie, is in the sixth grade and is a scrapbooker and a cheerleader.  My other niece, Prady, loves her Barbies and is the dress up queen.  These three belong to my husband's sister and you can see that all of these cousins are best friends!  They live a couple of hours away from us and we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like.  We just make the most of the time that we do have together!

My sister has two boys.  This is my youngest nephew, Elliot.  He's three and a little firecracker who loves to perform and is always putting on a show.

She also has Ian who is in kindergarten and loves to spend the night with us.  I think it's just for the video games!

My other sister doesn't have any children...yet.  Maybe someday I'll get a new little niece or nephew for Aunt B and Uncle Mike to love and spoil!