New customer, Amy White, ordered this 12x24 canvas for a baby shower.  She asked for colors to match the bedding pictured below.  She also asked that I be sure to use the orange in the giraffe.  I have to admit that I am not a big fan of orange, but it is so perfect here that I could just about change my mind!

I love doing this design with the dots around the outside and then stripes in the middle.  However, this bedding had the yellow chevron.  I decided to substitute that for my usual stripes.  Look how great it turned out!  I love it and I love this color combination.  It's so calming and that chocolate brown name just pops!
Here's the sweet bedding that was the inspiration.  It's from Target and I know I say this almost every single time, but if I were having a baby boy any time's just so cute!  That gator cracks me up!
Thanks, Amy!  Enjoy!


Jennifer said…
So cute!

What a coincidence that I clicked on your link on SITS...I live in Manchester, TN!
Amy said…
Adorable!! We love it...