Polka Dots and Date Nights

Mike and Lauren have been going to the Father/Daughter Date Night for a few years now.  Neither of them were really fired up about it this year and we had a busy weekend that weekend already.  As an alternative, they decided to go to The Little Mermaid at the Cannon County Arts Center.  Carter and I have the tradition of having a Mother/Son Date Night on that same night.  Our night usually consists of pizza and a movie, maybe a video game or some horse.  Fun stuff!  He did bring me flowers this year!

Here's the sweet couple on their big night.  Lauren was already dolled up from the Snow Princess pageant.  All she had to do was put on a cute outfit and they were ready to roll.  They had dinner in the Art Center cafe and said it was really good.  It was fun to spend time with Carter alone and I know Mike and Lauren enjoyed their time, too.

It seems like I've been painting tons of dots lately.  I always paint a lot of dots, but this seems like even more than usual.  I'm not complaining...I love dots!  This large 24x24 etsy order shipped out last week.  I did add red ribbon after this photo was taken.  It topped it off just perfectly!

I love the color choices and the clean, crisp font.  I know this is going to look fabulous over the baby bed but what's so great about it is that it would also look just as fabulous over a big boy or a teen bed, too!