In the Bathroom...

It seems like orders come in groups.  I haven't done any bathroom canvases in what feels like forever and all of a sudden I'm covered up with them.  It's the same thing with wedding canvases and teacher canvases!  Here's some really pretty earth tone dots.

This order had a little different wording from what I usually do.  I love the earth tones with the little touch of aqua.

Here's a single 5x5 in turquoise and lime.

Finally, here's a set of three in red, black, and white.

As you can see, I can paint any number of canvases.  These little 5x5's look super cute in groups or by themselves.  I can also do them in whatever color combination you need.  They are great for the bathroom because they are very durable and sealed to be waterproof.  Just let me know what you need!


xtraleo said…
These are awesome. I searched for a bathroom placard (I guess that's what it's called) that says, "The Loo" for ages when we first bought our home. Visiting from SITS.
clearlytangled said…
these are darling!

hopped on over from SITs.