Burlap Beauties

I am loving the burlap trend!  I have a huge burlap snowflake on my front door right now that I'm going to hate to take down very soon.  I am shopping for something cute for spring to replace it!  I did my Christmas tree with burlap garland and bought new burlap stockings.  I use burlap for my table decorations anytime we have a party or get-together.  
I decided to experiment with some burlap and canvas.  I painted the canvas a taupe/tan color and then wrapped it completely in burlap.  All of the staples are on the back and don't show.  Next, I painted whatever lettering I wanted.  I do have to use more paint than usual.  This stuff really soaks it up!  Finally, I added some burlap flowers using a good fabric glue.  Viola!  Burlap beauties!
This one is a surprise for my Pay It Forward participant #2 - Lindsey Chambers!  It has already shipped out to her and I hope she loves it!

This was my very first burlap experiment and I am so happy with how it turned out - sweet and simple.  It shipped out to my Pay It Forward participant #1 - Brittney Hodges.  She got it, loved it, and blogged about it here.  I was so glad to hear that I made her day!

How cute would this little 5x5 be in a wreath?
I am taking burlap canvas orders.  They can be done on any of the sizes listed in the sidebar and those prices apply.  Thanks!